Refreshments on Table


Our portfolio of products disinfects across  a variety of use cases, which are specific to the needs of lodging, dining, meetings, and entertainment facilities.

  • Hotels Rooms, Restaurants, Night Clubs

  • Meetings, Ballrooms, Convention Centers

  • Amusement Parks, Fair Grounds, Racetracks, Casinos, & Festival Sites

  • Wedding, Party, & Catering Venues

  • Kitchens, Laundry, Grounds, Restrooms, Employee Spaces, Administrative Offices

Retail, Services, & Public Spaces

From an expansive warehouse space to a small retail fitting room, UVClean’s versatile product portfolio consistently meets sanitation nuances for businesses, as well as exceeds expectations for customer peace of mind.

  • Banks, Retail & Service Shops,  Professional Offices, Corporate HQs

  • Light Manufactures, Commercial Business, Government Buildings

  • Public Libraries, Museums, Theaters, Churches

  • Gyms, Public & Private Activity Centers, Sports Arenas, Civic Centers

  • Airports, Mass Transit Terminals, Malls


Schools, Universities, & Institutions

  • Classrooms, Testing Pods, Labs, & Research Facilities

  • Theaters, Auditoriums, & Enrichment Facilities

  • Dining Halls, Dorms, & Student Services

  • Sports Facilities, Gyms, & Field Houses

  • Faculty Services & Administrative Offices

  • Public Spaces, Backhouse Operations, and Parking Garages

Medical & Healthcare

The UVCLean™ portfolio champions innovative and versatile products that work independently or interdependently to reinforce high productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness from the largest medical institution to independent healthcare practitioners.

  • ER, ICU, Surgery, Pre-Op & Post- Op

  • Waiting/Public Areas, Cafeterias,& Family/ Physician/Nursing Services

  • Financial/Payment, Administrative Offices, Laundry & Kitchen/Nutrition

  • EMT, PT. OT, Outpatient & Rehab Facilities

  • Clinics, Dr. Offices, DDS, Optical, Geriatric, Memory Care & Specialists

  • Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage & Other Alternative Healthcare Providers

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